Vancouver Coastal Health materials

[UPDATE (JULY 2023): The rights materials on this site are out of date. Please read our blog post to learn more.]

Vancouver Coastal Health has approved a VCH-branded version of our rights materials for its Patient Health Education Materials Resource Catalogue. VCH staff can order printed copies through the printing services website.  The headings below link to the PDF versions.

The materials are also branded with the Providence Health Care logo and can be ordered by PHC staff.


  • Available in colour and black & white*
  • Catalog number CD.200.R23

*Note: although a black & white version is available and costs less to print, we encourage staff to opt for colour if possible. Colour was one of the main requests of people who participated in our user testing and would likely make the pamphlet more memorable.

Wallet card

  • Available in colour
  • Catalog number CD.200.R12

Large poster

  • Available in colour
  • Catalog number CD.200.R35

Small poster

  • Available in colour
  • Catalog number CD.200.R34