[UPDATE (JULY 2023): The rights materials on this site are out of date. Please read our blog post to learn more.]

The “Your Rights under BC’s Mental Health Act” video gives an animated, audiovisual introduction to the Mental Health Act certification criteria and rights.

Hospitals with the technology to show this video when people are receiving rights information at certification may choose to offer patients this option as a supplement to Form 13 and the pamphlet.

Previous patients also suggested showing this video (and the other rights materials) at group sessions, where patients’ Mental Health Act rights can be the focus of the group discussion.

The video has captions that can be turned on, and playback speed can be adjusted so that the pace is comfortable for the patient.

Many of our patient participants were adamant that this video should supplement but not replace the conversation between staff and patients about what certification means and what rights patients have.

Link to the video

The video is available on YouTube.


  • animation with narration
  • 3 minutes at original speed
  • closed captioned