The Mental Health Review Board’s new Rules of Practice and Procedure

In its 2017–2018 annual report, the Mental Health Review Board announced plans to modernize its Rules of Practice and Procedure. On August 28, 2018, the review board released the new Rules, and all review panels are expected to follow them by October 15, 2018.

The board also released a document outlining the key changes to the Rules and issued five Practice Directions documents:

The review board intends for these documents to “ensure that a patient is given a procedurally fair hearing that also proceeds expeditiously.” Many of the polices are meant to streamline the review panel hearings: they encourage both case presenter and patient (or patient representative) to come to the hearings prepared to give the review panel the evidence they need to make their decision. But several of the new rules also support patients’ rights, and this post will highlight some of those points.

A cartoon depicting a mental health review board hearing. The three-member panel sits along one edge of a large table. The patient sits with his representative on one side of the panel and the case presenter, in this case the doctor, sits on the other side.
A review panel hearing. Illustration by Jonathon Dalton.

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