Our project funding has allowed us to print a small quantity of our rights materials, which we can send to hospitals and mental health teams on a first come, first served basis for the cost of shipping.

Once the first printing runs out, we can still print on your behalf but will invoice for both printing and shipping costs. (Instead, we encourage you to send the print-ready digital files to a local commercial printer and order the quantity that you need.)

If you are a staff member at a hospital or mental health team and would like to order hard copies of our rights materials, please use the contact form below and specify the number of each item you would like:

  • pamphlet
  • wallet card
  • large poster
  • small poster
  • video (on DVD or USB)

Please also give a shipping address. We will email an invoice to cover shipping costs and will ship the materials as soon as we receive payment.

You can also use this contact form to report a problem with this site.

If you have a specific question about your Mental Health Act rights, please consult our rights materials, frequently asked questions, and external resources first to see if they answer your question. You can also make an appointment to speak with a lawyer about certification and your Mental Health Act rights through Access Pro Bono’s Mental Health Program Telephone Clinic.

We cannot provide legal advice. We may not be able to respond to individual questions, but if many people ask the same question, we may add the information to the frequently asked questions or give more information in a blog post.

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