Panel 5 of the pamphlet. The text says, "You have the right to ask for a second medical opinion If you don’t agree with your psychiatric treatment, you can ask for a second opinion from another doctor. To do this, ask a nurse to help you fill out Form 11. You can choose any doctor licensed to practise in BC to examine you, but you may have to pay for their travel costs. Be aware that the second opinion is just an opinion, and your treatment team doesn’t have to follow the other doctor’s recommendations. You have the right to speak with a lawyer A lawyer can help you challenge your certification by asking a judge to review your case. You may have to pay the lawyer’s fee and court costs. A lawyer can also give you legal advice about your rights as a certified patient. If you can’t afford a lawyer, Access Pro Bono offers 30 minutes of free legal advice over the phone. Call to make an appointment: 604-482-3195 ext. 1500 in the Lower Mainland 1-877-762-6664 ext. 1500 elsewhere in BC 10 am–4 pm, Monday to Friday What happens when I leave the hospital? You may either: • be discharged and be free to go, or • be placed on extended leave. Being on extended leave means you can live out in the community, but you will still be certified and will have to follow conditions, like visiting a mental health team and taking psychiatric medications."

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