Second panel of the pamphlet. The text says, "What does it mean to be certified under BC’s Mental Health Act? The Mental Health Act is the law that sets out the rules for when a person can be kept in the hospital against their will. That law says that you can be certified as an involuntary patient only if a doctor has examined you and believes you meet all four of these criteria: 1. your ability to react to your environment and associate with others is seriously impaired because of a mental disorder, 2. you need psychiatric treatment, 3. you need care, supervision, and control: • to protect you or others, or • to prevent you from deteriorating substantially, either mentally or physically, and 4. you can’t be admitted as a voluntary patient. If you’ve been certified, you may feel scared, confused, or angry, especially if you aren’t sure what your rights are. When you’re certified: • you can’t leave the hospital without your doctor’s permission, and • you can’t refuse psychiatric treatment, including medication. But you can still talk to your doctor about your treatment, and you don’t lose all your rights. How long do I have to stay in the hospital? That depends on how many certificates have been completed. One certificate lets your doctor keep you in hospital for up to 48 hours. If a second certificate is completed, you may have to stay for up to 1 month. If, at any point, the doctor believes you no longer meet the criteria, you will be decertified."

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